Supply Chain

What makes our careers better, they’re made by you.

Our Supply Chain is a hub of individuals, teams, resources, activities and technology working behind the scenes to create kitchens for life. We’re Europe’s leading kitchen specialist for a reason. We’re better together, better for you.


Better together

Supply Chain skills

  • There’s no one type of person who thrives in a Supply Chain role, but there are a few skills that will help you succeed. We’re always looking for flexible workers, great communicators with excellent planning, organisational and time management skills. You should have a real commitment to quality and be a problem solver.
Rhian, Manufacturing Panel Planner
As long as you are willing to put in the work, the management team here are really great at spotting opportunities and putting the right people forward.
Rhian, Manufacturing Panel Planner

Meet the Team

Photo of Peter

My role has developed massively within my time at Nobia. The progression opportunities within Nobia are fantastic, if you show hard-work, commitment and lots of enthusiasm you will be rewarded.

Team Leader
Supply Chain
Photo of Nathan

I feel like I was supported quite well by the management and given the opportunities. They saw potential in me which was encouraged and led me into this role.

Maintenance Manager
Supply Chain
Photo of Maciej

I was given the opportunity to develop myself and since then I've moved from a Quality Engineer position to become Technical Development Manager. This has given me the chance to lead cross-functional teams within the supply chain department. 

Technical Development Manager
Supply Chain
Photo of Callum

When I started at Nobia I had clear aspirations of what I wanted to do with my career and Nobia had a lot of opportunities for me, they do a lot of training. It’s been really incredible working here, and I’m really looking forward to the future and what it holds for my career.

Warehouse Manager
Supply Chain
Photo of Ben

It’s an excellent place to work with some really great people and lots of opportunity.

UK HSE Manager
Supply Chain
Photo of Michelle

We have a great team. They care, they’re passionate about the business, and every day they deliver.

Head of Operations
Supply Chain
Photo of Ste

I Joined Nobia in 2017 and I have been working as a Warehouse Operative. I really enjoy the variety of the job, no two days are the same.My manager, Callum understands how I like to work, he pulls me for a chat every now and then to give me good feedback. No fuss. And I like how he understands how I like to receive my feedback and that speaks volumes to me on the relationship we have. 

Warehouse Operative
Supply Chain
Photo of John

I joined Nobia in 1996 as a Warehouse Team Leader, from there I progressed to a Warehouse Section Leader.  In 2020, I moved from the Warehouse to join our Manufacturing Team as a Production Manager. This has given me a well-rounded experience working in key parts of the Supply Chain operation. Being committed to the task at hand, and my ability to take direction and implement it successfully helped me progress through my career. Those opportunities are always there for everybody.

Production Manager
Supply Chain
Photo of Kevin

I have worked for Nobia for 27 years now and I have worked on various machines throughout the business. I now work as a Grade 5 Machinist which is our most senior shopfloor role, which provides me with an opportunity to mentor and support trainee machinists through our trainee development programme.  Everyday is different and there’s opportunities to progress if you want them.

Supply Chain
Photo of Rhian

I joined Nobia in 2016 as a Business Administrator, then I moved onto Manufacturing Panel Planner in 2019. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, the management team here are really great at spotting opportunities and putting the right people forward.  The best part about working at Nobia is working with such a diverse group of people, I've met some people I probably would never have met elsewhere, and there's such great characters in the team. I couldn’t ask for a better team we have the most supportive group that I could ever imagine. 

Manufacturing Panel Planner
Supply Chain