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Diversity & Inclusion

No two kitchens are ever the same, and neither are our people. In fact, we’ve been creating a business that truly crosses international boundaries since 1996 – and it’s all down to our diverse workforce, and to the welcoming and inclusive environment we’ve created that works for everyone, whoever they are and whatever their background.

Equal opportunities

We’re committed to providing an environment where everyone can work and achieve to the best of their ability without fear of prejudice or discrimination, where everybody is treated with respect, and where decisions are taken on the merits of ability and potential, not personal preferences.

We expect our people to treat everyone with respect, from colleagues through to temporary workers, suppliers, customers and visitors. We also expect our leaders to lead by example, and ensure their team members understand their own individual responsibilities.

You can view our Gender Pay Gap reports here by brand:

2022 Magnet

2021 Gower or Magnet 

2020 Gower, Magnet or Rixonway

2019 Gower, Magnet or Rixonway


Equal opportunities plays a huge role in recruitment, selection and advertising at Nobia, and we continually monitor all activities and documentation, including training, promotions and conditions of service.


We’re committed to making sure our people have access to high quality training, from induction to the business through to periodic training whenever it’s needed.

Someone to talk to

We work with the Retail Trust – a registered charity – to ensure that everyone at Nobia in the UK has access to a confidential helpline that offers counselling, advice or just a friendly ear.

The Nobia Code of Conduct

All Nobia employees and partners - from suppliers to retailers - must follow our Code of Conduct while working with our business. Here’s a quick overview:

Business principles - we respect fair trading, competition, and bribery laws in all of the countries in which we operate, and require our partners to do the same.
Human rights and working conditions – we support and respect international conventions concerning human rights together with local employment legislation, including forced or child labour, the provision of fair working conditions, and workplace safety.
The environment – we’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, products and processes, and to finding sustainable ways to use all available resources.

You can view Nobia's Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement here

Reviews and monitoring

We continually review and update all of our policies to make sure they’re up to date and that they follow both current best practice and the Nobia Code of Conduct.