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At Nobia we believe that our Excellent Leaders have what it takes to deliver our strategy and future success. Our Excellent Leader Competency model defines what behaviours we value in our leaders and what we look to develop in our future leaders.

  • Personal leadership

      Personal leadership describes how our leaders show resilience when dealing with ambiguity and change, the way they create trust, and constantly learn and develop to be the best they can be.

      Nobia leaders:

      - Show resilience

      - Create trust

      - Learn and develop

  • Performance leadership

      Performance leadership describes how our leaders deliver results through their teams, leveraging scale and cooperation between people and units, always with the customer in mind.

      Nobia leaders:

      - Deliver results

      - Foster collaboration

      - Focus on customers

  • Proactive leadership

      Proactive leadership describes how our leaders understand, use and execute the strategy with sound judgement, business understanding and a drive to make improvements and innovation.

      Nobia leaders:

      - Execute strategy

      - Use sound judgement

      - Drive improvements and innovation

  • People leadership

      People leadership describes how our leaders communicate, interact and care about their people to create a culture of engagement and continuous development.

      Nobia leaders:

      - Communicate effectively

      - Create engagement

      - Develop our people

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